Erotica - Literature or art of a sexual nature.

Plexus - A network of interconnected parts.

Coming Soon - EroticaPlexus is a network for authors of erotica literature to share their stories with those who enjoy reading erotic literature.

EroticaPlexus is built upon the currently unreleased (and unfinished) DOMBlogger Content Management System.

It will allow authors of erotica a place where they can upload their work while still retaining full copyright control over their content. Authors can tag their content in a manner that makes it easy for readers to find the the type of literature they are looking for.

In addition to sharing their literature, erotica authors will be able to link back to their personal web sites (if they have one and so choose), blog about every day life if they so choose, and maintain a personal profile including social network connections.

A place to share artwork may also be added, but at a later date.

The software is still in development. For users of Internet Explorer, it is possible content may initially look a little odd. It seems that often standard compliant content that displays well in FireFox, Opera, Chrome and Safari needs a little tweaking before it displays well in Internet Explorer so I tend to worry about Internet Explorer last when working on a new project. I do plan to have it display properly in IE 7 before it is finished.

For the present, please be patient while the software develops. Please do not attempt to e-mail asking about features or when it will be available, at this time the only answers I could give would be pulled out of my ass and thus would not be reliable.

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