I am Alice Wonder. Some of you know me on twitter as AliceWonder32, some of you know me on Tumblr as EroticaPlexus, and some of you know me from the Switter instance of Mastodon as Alice Wonder.

I am also the person behind Naughty.Audio.

I’m actually not a huge fan of WordPress, but it is what lots of people use. I am however a huge fan of privacy, and WordPress kind of sucks in that department.

Privacy Basger showing trackers
Trackers in a default WordPress install

The Privacy Badger image was taken while creating this post, after a fresh install of the latest version of WordPress.

As you can see, by default WordPress has some trackers – from Google and from Automattic (Automattic owns Gravatar)

I am going to be working on solutions for people in the adult industry who use WordPress to run without trackers.

The first step involves a plugin I wrote (still in testing) that fixes several issues with WordPress – it is called “PluggableUnplugged” and the github for the project can be found at https://github.com/AliceWonderMiscreations/PluggableUnplugged – one of the things it does is obfuscate the hash of a commenter’s e-mail address, but it also makes a few other things better.

The Gravatar tracking cookie, that is being addressed by another project also at github: https://github.com/AliceWonderMiscreations/Groovytar – and I am *almost* ready to start testing, hence why I set up WordPress.

But I will be blogging about other adult related topics too.

This is NOT a porn site, but I will reference porn here, so kiddies – buzz off.

4 thoughts on “Hey People

  1. Okay I saw what it does – not fond of it, the “famous five minute install” nor the wp-config file had a setting for the e-mail address to send from.

    I hate sloppy programming, which is what that is. A web application should *never* send e-mail using a from address that has not been specifically configured.

    I was hoping it would use the from address from the admin account. Ah well.

    1. Yeah – it also seems that two of the three default themes put circle frames around the already insanely small avatars.

      I know Steve Jobs liked circles, but Jesus people, he isn’t Christ.

      I really hate the trend of using CSS to make circle avatars out of everything. If the avatar was not designed for circles, it ends up really looking bad.

      Rounding of the corners I am okay with, bur not fucking circles.

  2. Holy shit, look at how small the default theme that doesn’t have circles makes an avatar on a reply – it’s ridiculously small.

    I wonder if they make the default themes so sucky on purpose.

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