Privacy Badger Confusion

Privacy Badger Semantic Confusion

Privacy Badger is a godsend for those of us who value privacy. What it does, when Website A includes resources from Website B, C, D and Website C and D contain tracking cookies, Privacy Badger will by default block the cookies or requests for Website C and D.

Here is an example of what the control panel looks like for this site, where there is currently one tracker (see my note on third party trackers)

Privacy Badger Screenshot

Privacy Badger is blocking which is pulled in by the theme. It also detects the third party resource which is my testing server for my replacement for Gravatar, but it notes that the domain does not appear to be tracking me. Which it isn’t, by design there are no tracking cookies there. It still provides me the option to manually block that site if I want to.

I also operate the site Naughty.Audio which is not a WordPress site. This is what Privacy Badger looks like for that site:

Privacy Badger Screenshot

There it sees the domain which is a domain I use for serving commercial fonts I’ve licensed (and some free fonts) and some static JavaScript. It also by design does not ever set cookies.

Privacy Badger does not block it, but the language is a bit confusing. There it says that it detected a potential tracker.

I am not sure why it is flagging as a potential tracker while at the same time is noted as not appearing to track me.

Both are remote hosts and neither use cookies.

I will have to ask them.

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