IPv6 Ready

The Internet is running out of networkable IPv4 addresses.

A disproportionately large number (relative to population) of IPv4 addresses have been assigned to the Western World (especially the United States) so the adoption rate of IPv6 has been somewhat sluggish, but it is inevitable.

Organizations that needs large numbers of networkable addresses (such as Universities) and many emerging markets (particularly in Asia) that do not have established IPv4 infrastructure are pioneering the adoption of IPv6.


Islands of IPv6 in IPv4

Currently, the IPv6 network exists largely as a bunch of small islands within an ocean of IPv4, connected to each other by tunnels through IPv4.

Most IPv6 hosts are dual stack, meaning they have both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address. However, as IPv4 addresses become scarce, hosts that are only connected to the IPv6 network will start to increase.

A host that is only connected the IPv6 network will not be able to communicate with a host that is only connected to the IPv4 network. To ensure your content remains viewable to everyone who wishes to see it, you should make sure your web server is reachable from an IPv6 network.

Test your domain DNS records for dual stack.

EroticaPlexus.net is dual stack. If you use EroticaPlexus.net to share your erotica expressions with the world, your content will be reachable from web clients using either the IPv4 or the IPv6 network.


I Can Not Tell A Lie

I am not a fan of dishonest marketing tactics that create a perceived need where there isn’t one. If your web site is currently only reachable on the IPv4 network, you still have some time before it becomes critical that you “address” the IPv6 issue (pun shamefully intended).

Currently there are very few hosts that are IPv6 only and can not reach IPv4 destinations, and the vast majority of those hosts serve a specific purpose and are not used to browse the Internet.

However, the switch to IPv6 is coming. Adoption rates will increase, and as they increase, the number of hosts that are also on IPv4 will slowly decrease until critical mass is reached. Once critical mass is reached, I predict the number of IPv6 only hosts will skyrocket.

There is a decent chance your existing hosting service will automatically switch you to dual stack when that happens. Some may have already switched to dual stack, and some may do so now if you ask them to. You should at least find out from your hosting provider what their dual stack timetable is.


Speculative, Your Honor

I predict home computers (in the Western World anyway) will remain on IPv4 networks for some time, with a slow adoption of dual stack setups as ISPs slowly upgrade their routing equipment to properly handle IPv6.

I suspect where the rush will start is with Internet service for mobile computing devices such as iPads and Kindles and iPhones and other related devices. As the number of these portable devices increase while availability of IPv4 address space decreases, service providers will see IPv6 as a way to meet the increasing demand for directly connecting these devices to the Internet, an IPv6 only Internet. They will leverage lack of IPv4 support to their advantage by providing portals and search tools that only return IPv6 reachable destinations, advertising their own services at these portals.

It is thus not a bad idea to make sure your erotica is reachable by IPv6. Host it here, and it is done.

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